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Thread: Gut & skin a deer in 3 Minutes

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    that boy probably is on the processing line 24/7 during deer season.

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    I have seen em gutted an cleaned out that fast but never skinned, wow !!!
    Randy Hardee
    Alvord, Tx
    You heard this here first "You wont know if you dont GO"

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    Impressive, but something of a stunt.
    I don't know of anybody who guts and skins their deer at the same time.

    I like to gut them first, and then let them hang for a while with the skin on. If you let them hang with the skin off 1) they dry out, and 2) it's very easy to get the meat dirty dragging them in and out of the walk-in.
    The squirrel you don't turn around for will be a trophy buck!

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    Thats how we do it in the Carolinas. I know the Atkinsons very well. They cleaned every deer we ever took at Sandy Creek years back. What is even more impressive is the families trophy collection of local deer. Everyone of these guys has multiple 150 inch plus bucks on their walls and barns. None ever entered in any record book most with their skull caps sawed off, and all of them from right down here in lowly SC.

    My best SC bow buck 139 7/8 came from 250 yards behind that skinning shed.

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    BTW you hear the name AZ mentioned in that video...he s one of the most turkey killin sobs you'll ever meet.

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