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Thread: Youth Model Mossburg 500 vs. Remington 870

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    Default Youth Model Mossberg 500 vs. Remington 870

    Well I just pulled the trigger on the purchase of our first youth model shotgun yesterday. Been along time coming, and after what my youngest daughter did in this year's basketball season with her commitment and improvement, it is a well deserved reward.

    I spent considerable time narrowing down the options and I just wasn't ready to spend the money on an automatic although I realize this would be easier on the smaller shoulders of my girls. I'm also just a little hesitant to give the girls an autoloader right off the bat simple for safety concerns.

    After researching some other forums and reading what's been asked time after time about what is the best youth model shotgun, it became apparent that the Remington 870 is by far the most popular choice. A proven shotgun with an affordable price makes for a good choice for a first shotgun and I liked the looks, feel and sound of the action. I had every intention of buying one when I went into the store last night and concluded that the mossburg, being $40 cheaper just didn't stack up.

    Guess what I walked out of the store with? Mossburg 500. lol.

    I took Jennifer with me to the store and figured she'd be a good test person to hold and swing the two youth model shotguns I was looking at. She's about the same height as my girls and is eager to do some trap shooting later this summer. Between her son, herself and my girls, this shotgun is going to be well used over the course of the year.

    We laid both shotguns out in front of us and she shouldered both of them three times each. I had her bring them up to a shooting stance and told her to sight in on the shelf behind the counter as if she were following a bird. Each time she said the Mossburg felt better and each time I was wanting her to tell me she liked the Remington better. lol. It just didn't happen.

    The difference was that the 870 was $280 and the Mossburg was $240 here at the local Academy. The 870 looked nicer with a gray laminated stock and a tighter action and a matte finish, but what Jen liked about the Mossburg was that fact that the fore stock was closer to the chamber and she didn't have to reach out as far. The Mossburg has a second sight pin half way down the barrel that, to me, will help with a beginning shooter by reinforcing sight alignment. The Mossburg came with three chokes, being the Accu-choke improved cylinder, modified and full while the 870 only comes with modified if I remember correctly. The mossburg also came with sling screws with the stock screw already attached to the stock as well as already been tapped with sight rail holes. With the combination of all these "little" things, I started looking closer at the Mossburg. One thing surprised me that I never considered until the comparison was in full swing was the fact that, the Mossburg's safety is a top thumb safety located on the back of the receiver. Easy for little hands to reach and also easy for me to see from a distance even when I'm not the one handling the gun.

    Out of the box, it seemed to me that the Mossburg was a better deal for a first shotgun. I don't like the looseness of the fore grip considering it is loose enough to rattle while walking with the gun, but the design is as proven as the 870's and not allot has changed since 1970 when they went to the double slide bars.

    Basically I think in buying the Mossburg, I traded some connivence of being able to get accessories at almost any sporting good store considering the popularity of the 870, but for my particular needs I think the Mossburg is going to fit the bill nicely. I'm already looking into finding a way to control the looseness of the fore stock but we'll see. As far as how it shoots, I'll let you know this weekend.

    To all you guys I've been pestering the last couple of days, thanks! I appreciate the help!
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    Good write up and glad you were able to let logic over ride your initial preference.

    After shooting a Browning with the top thumb safety for years and using a Remington auto loader this year with the traditional safety by the trigger, I can tell you first hand the top mount safety is a million times easier to use.

    Get us some pics of the gun in action!

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    25 years ago [or more] I wanted a turkey gun, because someplace I could hunt a buddy saw one turkey. I went to my gun shop, it's Olgesby and Olgesby gun makers, and wanted Bill to make me a turkey barrel for my model 37. He had a Mossburg 500 turkey gun on the rack. I fell in love with it and bought it.
    Dave I know what you mean about the loose fore grip, but it has never let me down. In fact the 500 won the Army contact the year I bought mine, something like 20,000 shots with out a error or cleaning. Mine has been in the rain snow and mud most every year, runs just like a Timex!
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    Good on Ol Dad!

    Glad to see you giving some thought about the guns. I don't think you could've given any more consideration than you did.

    While Mossberg isn't as refined or flashy as a Remington, I too think that the 500 series is been proven more than it's been given credit.

    Lots of accessories out there, you just gotta shop a little more than you would for an 870.

    Hope they kill enough critters to fill the jeep!
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    You can't go wrong with a mossberg 500. They will take on the punishment and keep on going. Jammington 870's are notorious for kicking the chit out of you...
    There are lots of places that sell accessories for mossbergs...

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    Thanks guys.

    I' just got a sims recoil pad added and a undertaker turkey choke on it, along with a shoulder strap. Boy those sims recoil pads are sort of made hap-hazardly. I had to re-drill the holes to get it aligned and even then it needs to be ground down to fit perfectly flush. It will work, but could use some attention when I get the time.

    My youngest is getting this tomorrow when we head down to the new lease. She's making straight A's, made the all star basketball team and turned into one of their best players. I figured she deserved some positive reinforcement with her very own shotgun.

    I'm not going to trailer the jeep down just yet since it's a good 5 hour drive and we're basically going to scout for where a stand needs to go. I figure we'll try and break in the new Mossburg while were there. Between Ryan's and Jimbo's turkey hunting advise, I feel like we have a chance, but considering I'm no turkey hunter, I might have to stop and buy some skeet for some fun in between scout missions. Having said that, the BAR is going just incase some hill country piggies need some attention. I haven't squeezed off a round yet this year and I've got a fresh batch of Uncle Jimbo's Famous Hog Rub. ummmmhmmmm!

    Also, thanks for showing me how to spell Mossberg.
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    Congrats to the girl Dave, you should be (and are I'm sure) proud of her. Keep the activities in front of her.
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    I will.

    She was very excited about the new shotgun!

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    Looks like the perfect gun to tote through the spring turkey woods.

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