RANGE REPORT: Winchester Super X2 NWTF 3 ˝ inch. 12 ga.

I spent some time on the range yesterday patterning my turkey gun. It’s a Winchester Super X2 NWTF 3 ˝ inch. 12 ga. topped with a Leupold VX II 1-4X scope in weaver-style mounts. The bases were impossible to find when I purchased this gun used a few years ago. After many calls to many outlets (Midway, Brownells, Numrich, Cabelas, ad finitum) I ended up calling Winchester directly. There I was able to get a base. A few Leupold Rifleman rings and a quick boresighting job and I was good to go. I’m usually not too keen on the aluminum weaver style rings as they tend to slip but for shotguns I didn’t see any harm. I had patterned this gun before and knew it to be good but thought I might pass the results onto the gang here.

Here’s the gun:

I was shooting Winchester Supreme 12 ga. 3 ˝ inch ammunition loaded with 2 oz. of #5 shot. It patterned the best during the last run of tests and I stuck with it and have even killed a few gobblers with this load – works for me.

I was also using a Browning Invector Plus Full Strut turkey choke in addition to the factory supplied “full” choke that came with the gun. There were noticeable differences in the patterns as you can see.

First the standard full choke:

And the Full Strut turkey choke:

Overall pattern was tighter with the full strut choke though density into the vitals was only a little bit better.

I’m confident it will get the job done as it has in the past.